Malik Franklin – Charlotte, North Carolina

GREATEST INVESTMENT EVER. i thought my only option was to go to an $80,000 university but i am so grateful that i found RRFC which is so much more affordable. Getting in front of REAL clients and REAL situations taught me more than i ever expected. i was a little skeptical about taking an online course but having a mentor dedicate their time to you one on one is more than what i would have gotten in class room. what really pushes this school above others is that you also get an academic facilitator, basically an online mentor. i loved my academic facilitator(ALEX SOLIS) he helped me a lot. he made me feel like i was his only student. he would help me with my personal music to help fix and understand things that i was not too clear on and he did not rest until i was confident to move on. with the combination of my academic facilitator(ALEX SOLIS) and my studio mentor(Ir Parker and Chris Hancock) i had access to all the information i needed to be the best i can be. before starting the course i had no idea what i wanted to do but now i have a clearer vision for my future. im glad i chose RRFC. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL

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