Marcus Jenrette – Walkersville, Maryland

First and foremost I would like to thank my Mentor Conrad and my Academic Counselor Bennett. I have been in the Audio Engineering program for a short few weeks. Between the two of them, I have learned so much about music. From recording techniques to music theory. With Conrad I have had the experiences of live recording, studio recording, micing techniques, protools shortcuts, recording with compression, and alot more. Conrad is not only a great teacher, but he gives me the real studio experience while making me feel part of the team. With Bennett, the experience has also been great. He took me from totally knowing nothing about beat making and music theory, to making my first beat on my own. He's definitely a master in his own right when it comes to beats. Thing is, we have only been concentrating on the beat making this week. This program definitely works and I will suggest it to any and everybody. Shout to my Teachers and family for making this possible. My Dream!!!!!

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