Matt Ream – Louisville, Nebraska

What A lot of fun I had doing this. 1…The school was able to work around my work schedule that I had. when I walked into this I had know idea what to expect I was nerves. Then I meet G.w Childs hands down the best in the businesses. If you are lucky like I was to work with him be ready. Hes patience is amazing he push me to my limits and even when I was dealing with some personal life stuff. He even took time to check up on me. Thank you G.w.. Dear Alex Solis Thank you for doing the same and pushing me just as much and not letting me give up. 2.. letsTalk about the tuition, it’s affordable, and won’t leave you deep in debt. my payments are nothing. 3 one last thing lets Talk about the transformative experience of learning in the industry rather than some classroom or Hall It was nice to have the 1 on 1 time with G.w and doing something I love and he made it so much fun. Over all I look forward to keep working with tools and ideas that have been give to me. wait till you hear my song. thank you thank you To Alex Solis and G.w Childs you guys gave life and hope.

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