Michael Jacobucci – Chicago, Illinois

Hello my name is Michael Jacobucci I am 33 years old, and was born and raised in Chicago Heights IL. “Da Heights” as it’s known, has a population of about thirty thousand residents, located about twenty or thirty minutes south of downtown Chicago, depending on how you drive, with or without traffic of course. For the majority of my professional working career I have spent in facilities & maintenance servicing school districts, as well higher education facilities. I also was employed with the City of Chicago Heights water Dept, where I helped over see and run water operation facilities that provided water from lake Michagin, pumped from Hammond Indiana to the surrounding suburbs. For the past four years I have also been employed with Prairie State College in Chicago Heights IL where I hold the position of assistant lab aide. In the classroom environment my role is to work hands on in heating and air conditioning labs while helping students of all ages achieve their educational goals in the HVAC industry.

Over the next six months my educational path has brought me to learning the art of Audio engineering out of Miller Street Studios in Chicago IL, with owner/chief engineer Joe Delfino. As well getting assistance, plus guidance from Nico Farias of the Recording,Radio, And Film Connection. From Day one of contacting the RRFC I really got the feeling of being at home as far as an educational facility is concerned. Every part of the enrollment process I felt as if I was talking to the same person, happy, kind, and friendly with a willingness to assist.

I would like to thank Matthew Johnson, Alissa Meihls, Hunter Arabaugh, Gino Kronfle, Joe Delfino, Nico Farias, and everyone from the RRFC for the assistance up to this point. After 33 years my life long dream and passion has now become my reality and purpose.
When Does Yours Begin…….?
I would like to personally thank God, Family, and Friends as well all of the talented Artist, Engineers, Musicians and Producers I have had the pleasure to work with through the years, and to the many more to come in the future.

Best Wishes,

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