Michael Sullivan – Mount Vernon, Washington

The Recording Connection is a very unique opportunity for creatives looking to get into music production. I went through the 6 month Ableton music production mentorship. They recommended mentor Sam Ryan to me based on my goals and I couldn?t be happier. Sam Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable and an expert in his craft. He explains music production from a fundamental level so that you can actually think for yourself when you?re out on your own. You?ll be amazed with the things you learn. I feel like I?ve crammed 2 years of experience into just 6 months. That?s the power of one-on-one-mentorship. Plus I?m more of a hands on learner, so seeing the principles put into action was crucial for me.

Getting to also come along to studio recording and mixing sessions with professional musicians is amazingly valuable and a real eye opener.

Hunter Arbaugh from student services was great as well, always ready to jump on a remote session with me if I ever needed a hand when working on my own stuff.

And on top of all that, they work with you for a year after the program to help you find work and pursue your dreams after the program. Gervais Maillard has been great in helping me focus my efforts on getting jobs that will help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming an independent artist.

If you want guidance and direction in your music journey, this program couldn?t be better!

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.