Mohammed Ali Jaffer – Chicago, Illinois

Money, when one has a dream is an asset better spent on an experience. In the middle of an obscure pandemic, unemployed from closures I had come across this school that not only lent me the money to pay for the course but gave me some of the MOST TALENTED producers I have ever come across, JON BICCHIERI from "DEATH DEFIER" & JOE “DANTE” DELFINO from "MILLER STREET STUDIOS." Not only did they support me on the on this journey and guide me through all the tediousness by making it super fun and easi"ER" to understand but they are, (simply put) savants at their art. I definitely felt connection and dedication towards them every time I saw them work. . FOR STUDENTS: . IF YOU DO DECIDE (from my perspective) to do this course, i would recommend to the students to begin on the ACOUSTICS AND MONITORING section right away WITH THE USUAL ASSIGNMENTS and TASKS reserved by your mentor! I only say this so that when you DO get to doing DAW (fancy word you'll learn soon) work you'll be prepared and ready to go. Some things may not make sense at first but trust the journey and don't hesitate if you have questions. In conclusion, apart from the essential knowledge to prepare you in your creative journey to hold something you'll be proud of, and not to mention the career services after graduation… THE MOST IMPORTANT things I have taken away is the fact that they set you up for is asking the right questions, THIS can only be done when you know what to ask in the first place. They ALSO put you in an environment you don't wanna leave, almost like a family. —and for that, Thank You. . SO, IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME, DO I THINK THIS CLASS WAS WORTH IT? MOST DEFINITELY. 🙂

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