Patrick Vang – Watertown, Wisconsin

As a student and now a graduate of Recording Connection, I will say that this has been the best experience that I have ever had. My mentor, G.W. Childs, was the most professional and highly experienced engineer that I have ever met. The way he taught was unforgettable. He put you in that mindset of being an artist/producer not just someone learning the craft. You vision what you want to see and how your music would sound like. It has definitely changed the way I produce. If you need help with anything, he was there and on top of it. He went over it until you understood what you were doing. G.W. is the real deal! If you ever get a chance to work with him, he will blow your mind. You will learn some of the best audio engineering skills from him, maybe even the best. No doubt.

As for tutors, they have some of the best in my opinion. My tutor, Sam Zulfer has been awesome. He is greatly skilled in the craft of audio engineering and making music. Any help that I needed or even if I wanted to learn something different such as sound design for audio post, he went through it. He may not have had the most experience in that but he taught me what he knew. This guy is no joke. You would be surprised to find out what other things these guys know that could help you in your craft. Just ask the right questions.

All in all, the RRFC has highly experienced and skilled mentors. It doesn’t matter which department you want to study, RRFC has probably the best industry professionals you can ask for. It’s a family. They want to see you grow and succeed in your craft. They push you and make sure you’re on the right path. You will not regret choosing RRFC.

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