Pauline Chong – San Diego, CA

Although I never took the time to work with my academic facilitator Jon Bicchieri, he was always willing to do so and offered frequently. He was also very good about reaching out and communicating with me and always seemed to be engaged with his role in my experience. Lastly, he seems to be a genuine and understanding person which are super beneficial qualities for an academic facilitator because often, life can get tricky. As for my mentor, Lyrion Neeley, it’s difficult to start because there is so much positive to say. From day one he was always down to earth, kept it real, and very clearly loved his job. Outside of audio engineering/music/etc, he taught me a lot about life which is always good for a young adult to be around. In regard to the program, he has extensive knowledge and tips and is multi-talented which of course, is beneficial to be around. He seemed to excel at audio engineering, production, music skills, teaching, people skills, and more. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today and headed in the positive direction I’m going in regard to approach and skill with audio engineering without Lyrion. The thing I respect most about him though is his work ethic. I have yet to meet someone that matches his effort level and desire to be the best at what he does. Big thanks to both Jon and Lyrion, and ultimately RRFC.

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