Shawn Herman – Pembroke,

For me I think it was better to learn from a pro and learning hands-on because I learn best from hands-on activities, I also have a photographic memory which helps too. I think learning from a pro helps me and anyone else to learn because the “pro” has been in your shoes. They know exactly how it feels just starting out and having so many questions, so having the “pro” present to help guide and answer any questions you may have is really helpful. I really enjoyed getting to know my mentor and advisor on more of a personal level then just talking about school matters. I will definitely say that I WILL be staying in touch with my mentor Lionel Pedro and my admissions advisor Alex Solis. These two men have helped me so much during this program and I couldn’t thank them and the school RRFC & CASA Schools enough for the amount of info I now know and have learned and will now put into action. I cannot wait to see where I go from here! Thank you again Lionel Pedro, Alex Solis and RRFC & CASA Schools I really appreciate all of you and the hard work you do for us students!

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