Shea Feehan – Galloway, New Jersey

After working with Uncle Joey at Chrystal Clear Studios in Philadelphia combined with the help of my Academic Facilitator Alex Solis, and of course a serious focus on learning, I feel incredibly capable of working in any professional Recording studio. Uncle Joey gave me incredible in depth, one on one mentoring in ways that I understand, even the most in difficult concepts. He answered any question I ever had and continues to help even after graduation. Alex, my academic facilitator gave me in depth lessons on concepts I had extended questions about. He was incredibly helpful for me in understanding from lesson one until the final exam. I feel that learning in a professional working studio is the best way to learn audio engineering. Working with programs and hardware hands on is truly the best way to learn. The RC?s cost compared to other 4 year schools and programs is significantly less, you won?t be left in debt! The Recording Connections gives you all the information you need and none of what you don?t for a fraction of the price of other schools. Thank you Recording Connections, thank you Alex, and thank you Uncle Joey!!!

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