Shomari Pierre – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As part of The Recording Connection Audio Institution this school has been a game changer for me the first time I stepped foot in the building. Joey, my mentor had been the best teacher I’ve ever had. Every week I was excited to go to school because I know that there was something new to learn and that?s if I didn?t understand something Joey will break it down into his own definition that helped me so much along the way. Hats off to you Joey you?re awesome. None of this would?ve been possible if it wasn?t for my awesome academic facilitator Alex, for connecting me with an actual pro audio engineer and for also checking up on me weekly to make sure I?m ahead of things and completing my assignments. I just want to say thank to everyone that helped me become and audio engineer and also for the wonderful opportunity. The Recording Connection if definitely worth a shot whether you want to be a beat maker, producer, engineer, of even a film maker. Thank you Recording Connection.

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