Tyler Saxelby – Johnsburg, Illinois

If you’ve been looking for a way to drastically increase your skill and knowledge of audio engineering then RRFC should be at the top of your list

The entire staff from the heads all the way to each and every mentor you’ll come in contact with is there for you every step of the way and will ensure you get what you need from them when you need it.

I had the blessing of learning under my mentor Joe Delfino at Miller Street Studios and couldn’t have asked for a better example to look up to. He clearly and consistently is able to articulate any lesson/technique as well as explain it thoroughly, on top of being an outstanding engineer. Joe is very good at breaking the typical teacher/student barrier and embraces an environment that lets the student collaboratively experience the lesson opposed to reading about it and remembering on a test where you don’t physically practice what you’ve learned.

I also had the incredible online mentor/adviser Sam Zulfer. Having someone you can contact and have a session from your bedroom with is such an asset, especially one as knowledgeable and technical as Sam. He was a huge factor in me staying on track as well as for cementing what i learned in house at the studio.

above all though RRFC has transformed who i am as an engineer, and how i approach music as a whole. it doesn’t feel real that I’ve gained this much understanding of the practice in such a short time. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve become because of it and i couldn’t have done it without the whole team

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