Audio and Music Production School in Birmingham, Alabama

Not like any other school, this is Audio Education Updated, Reimagined, and Revitalized. Are You Ready to Take Your Place?

We took that old stale classroom concept, rebuilt and upgraded it by putting your classroom in a professional recording studio. Then we emptied out all the other students and left only YOU and YOUR TEACHER (yay for one-on-one learning!) who happens to be a pro music producer (with killer credits) to train you privately (at your pace, full time, part time, nights or weekends available).

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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We hit different and here is why: 

With the famed Muscle Shoals about 90 minutes away, Birmingham enjoys a long history of rock, jazz, gospel, and country music. As Southern rap began to make itself known in the music industry, Birmingham has continued to act as one of the epicenters of music coming out of the south. 

With established local acts, emerging regional musicians, and a frequent stop for those nationally touring groups, there are plenty of BIRMINGHAM RECORDING STUDIOS available in town to help tighten sets or produce new music. And if you’re interested in an audio engineering or music production career, what better way to learn than in a professional studio with a PRO MUSIC PRODUCER?

You could move thousands of miles away to attend a “name” university or even attend 4-year school closer to home. But we feel working in a recording studio beats sitting in a classroom. Creating your own schedule beats a rigid timetable, and learning what you want beats having to take prerequisites.

And the Recording Connection does it for less money and in less time than most of those other institutions. Working with Academic Facilitators and mentors to create programs made specifically for you, you’ll be gaining hands-on experience in the first week! The music industry is a 24-7-365 operation – any time is the right time to be producing music. 

Along with hands-on learning in a one-on-one situation with a professional audio engineer or music producer, you’ll still be expected to read up on music theory, work on your craft outside of the studio, and show your proficiency throughout the program. But while students in a classroom will be receiving a GPA, you’ll be building your portfolio. 

Working with the latest gear, learning what the music business wants today, and doing it alongside industry insiders, is what we enable you to experience. This is the time to be learning as much as you can about making music your career. Ask questions, observe how your mentor works with clients, apply what you’ve learned when it’s time for your own sessions.

What better time to Amplify Your Life than right now?

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

You don’t have to go into extreme debt to go to Music Production and Audio Engineering School

We can train you in a real recording studio for far less. Play it smart–get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school is a highly effective and affordable way to start your audio engineering career.

Along with hands-on learning in a one-on-one situation with a professional audio engineer or music producer, you’ll still be expected to read up on music theory, work on your craft outside of the studio, and show your proficiency throughout the program. But while students in a classroom will be receiving a GPA, you’ll be building your portfolio.


10 Miles, 10 Blocks, or 10 Seconds away from your future

The BIRMINGHAM RECORDING CONNECTION has multiple studios/mentors you can learn from, so you’re never too far away. This means you won’t have to move thousands, or even hundreds of miles away to get the foundation you need to start pursuing a career in the music-making industry. 

But as the events of 2020 showed us, sometimes traveling just a few miles isn’t even an option. As many other educational institutions struggled to figure out a plan for their students, we’ve spent decades perfecting remote learning. Our virtual learning programs allow you to stay home, stay safe, and still get the education you need to build your foundation.

Even when the pandemic is finally held under wraps, remote learning will continue at Recording Connection. Want to learn from a music producer in New York or an audio engineer in Chicago? Recording Connection makes it possible for you to do just that without having to uproot your life. And you’ll still have as much access to your mentor as you would if you were sitting next to them in the studio.


Recording Connection

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Featured Birmingham Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

The Recording Connection offers something no “name” 4-year university or audio engineering and music production trade school can. From day one, you’ll be placed in a professional recording studio and receive one-on-one mentoring from award-winning producers and engineers.

With more than 200 locations throughout 48 states, you won’t have to travel thousands of miles for this immersive experience. You learn what it takes to make it in the music business from the inside alongside industry professionals. This includes recording, mixing and mastering, hardware and software, live sound design, and even business skills.


Work with the Stars or Amplify Your Sound

We feel the Recording Connection offers so much more than four-year universities or trade schools, from shorter program lengths, lower enrollment costs, and more time working in a professional setting. But one thing we know we do as well – or even better – than anyone else can’t be measured in dollars or by the calendar.

It should come as no surprise that the music industry is dominated by who you know as much as what you know. By working alongside a professional audio engineer or music producer, you’ve already made your first contact in the business. As your mentor brings in more clients, and you begin to start working with these clients, you’ll begin to make more contacts of your own.

These are opportunities you just can’t get in a university classroom. Your professor may bring in the guest speaker, but more than likely they’re there to give a lecture, not work on a bassline. At Recording Connection, the mentor, their clients, and you are there to work. While being a good listener is important, showing what you can do is that much more impressive.   

What makes more sense to you?

These opportunities will determine just how far you will take what Recording Connection has given you. Are you determined, attentive, thoughtful, and responsible? Or do you spend your time in the studio hanging back and texting your pals? If this is just a hobby for you, we’d just as soon you didn’t waste the time of our mentors. They’re here to work – if that’s not your thing, Recording Connection probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want to build a portfolio, create your brand, have the chance to work with a wide range of musical genres (and personalities!), we’re here to welcome you with open arms. What do successful Recording Connection graduates look like? They are often hired on by the mentors they worked with, hired on at other studios based on a good recommendation, or even start their own studios upon the completion of the program.

In some cases, they’ve been hired in the middle of a program and taken on a months-long tour because their skills were so elevated. But they did that themselves. What will you do with your opportunities? 


Working with Emmylou Harris, Taylor Hicks, and Queen Latifah, earning two Cleos and more than 100 Addy Awards for commercial work, and even housing their own labels, Recording Connection mentors in Birmingham work with the best and produce the best. So it’s a good bet they also have only the best recording studio gear.

With multiple rooms to handle any type of genre – from big band to individuals, rock and roll to rap, radio and television – you’ll learn how to record everyone and anyone. Solid State Logic consoles with Ultimation and Total Recall, Klein + Hummel and Yamaha monitors, and Pro Tools HDX digital audio workstations fill out their studios.

But to work with all sounds, you need to work with the old (vintage) as well as the new. Hammond C-3 Yamaha Conservatory Grand Pianos, Fender Amps, drum kits, hi-hats, and even bongos to help create THE sounds for their clients. Mics, digital and analog recorders, and other gear ensure you’ll get the experience you need.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.