Boise Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Although it may seem a long way from the music entertainment hubs of Los Angeles or New York, you can still get a world-class audio engineering and music production education in Boise, ID. In fact, Recording Connection can give you an educational experience unlike any you’ll find at most four-year universities, trade schools, and other “name” institutions.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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The Recording Connection Music Production School in Boise

What sets the Boise Recording Connection Music Production Programs apart from other schools is the immersive environment we offer our students. Instead of classrooms, you’ll learn inside professional recording studios. Instead of teachers talking at you, you’ll have mentors working with you. Instead of competing with several other students to get your questions answered, you’ll receive one-on-one attention throughout the program.

Every day is a lab day! Instead of signing up for a time to work with the recording equipment in a traditional school environment, you’ll be at the soundboard or digital audio workstation almost every day. You won’t have to wait to put what you’ve learned into practice with our audio engineering and music production programs, you’ll be expected to dive in from the start!

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Don’t Take On Unnecessary Debt If You Don’t Have To!

Let the Boise Recording Connection take the financial worry of attending an audio engineering or music production school. Our tuition is just a fraction of the cost you’ll pay at universities, colleges, or trade schools. We do this because it’s our mission to provide as much access to our programs for students as possible. We don’t make you take (and pay for) several semesters–one price for one program.

And with more than 300 locations throughout the U.S. (including Boise), you won’t be forced to uproot your life to attend a school. We don’t think you need to leave your friends and family or quit your job to pursue a career in audio engineering or music production–or spend a bunch of money to move to a city hundreds or thousands of miles away. Refuse to take on student debt and save your money for the gear that will help your career.

Boise Recording Connection Mentors Are For Real

Recording Connection mentors have been music professionally for years, winning awards and helping other award winners sell millions of records. They are industry insiders that understand how to work with both local artists and international stars, they know when to push a client and when to sit back and enjoy the ride. They have the latest equipment and continue to learn new processes to give their clients the very best.

Doesn’t it make sense to learn from professionals that have made a career in the music industry instead of someone using teaching as a fallback position? But you’ll be expected to show the same passion for learning that our mentors have for teaching the next generation of audio engineers and music producers. If you’re looking for something to do on the weekends, keep looking. But if you want to take the first step in becoming a part of the music industry, it’s time to get started.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.