Audio and Music Production School in Calgary, Alberta

We took that old stale classroom concept, rebuilt and upgraded it by putting your classroom in a professional recording studio. Then we emptied out all the other students and left only YOU and YOUR TEACHER (yay for one-on-one learning!) who happens to be a pro music producer (with killer credits) to train you privately (at your pace, full time, part time, nights or weekends available).

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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Among the Calgary Recording School choices available, only RECORDING CONNECTION gets you in the door of an actual Calgary recording studio, working as an audio student extern as you learn the arts of audio engineering, music producing, mixing, live audio and more. In Calgary, Alberta, there is no more effective way to get started in the music business than to extern in a Calgary recording studio–and no better school than RECORDING CONNECTION to get your foot in the door.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

You don’t have to go into extreme debt to go to Music Production and Audio Engineering School

We can train you in a real recording studio for far less. Play it smart–get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school is a highly effective and affordable way to start your audio engineering career.

Located in the grasslands of southern Alberta, the city of Calgary is the largest in the province, anchoring a metro area of over 1.2 million people. As such, Calgary hosts a vibrant and diverse music scene, with bands and artists regularly performing in venues throughout the city. Despite its size, Calgary has particularly managed to retain its frontier western feel, and is known as Canada’s country music hub or the Nashville of the North. The Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo in the world, draws over a million visitors annually with its numerous events, parades and live music. Notable musicians and bands with ties to Calgary include country artists George Fox and Paul Brandt, jazz/blues artist Heather Blush, indie rocker Chad VanGaalen, indie rock twins Tegan and Sara, and singer/songwriter Feist, to name a few.

Featured Calgary Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

A number of recording studios can be found in Calgary to accommodate the ongoing needs of the music scene here. Whether you are an aspiring music producer, audio engineer, mixer, or live audio tech, there are plenty of real-world learning opportunities here in Calgary, and RECORDING CONNECTION can put you in the center of the action in ways other recording schools can’t duplicate.

Our industry advantage comes from our mentor-extern approach. We know you can’t possibly learn the REAL music business from inside a stale classroom, so we have no use for those classrooms in our program. Instead, we place you in a real recording studio to be trained one-on-one by an experienced industry professional, someone who knows the music business inside and out. As you work through our curriculum, you will not only gain valuable hands-on experience, but you’ll also make lots of industry connections with people who can help advance your career. Many of our students get hired, and you could be next! You owe it to yourself to discover what our Calgary Recording School can do for you.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.