Audio and Music Production School in Colombus, Ohio

We took that old stale classroom concept, rebuilt and upgraded it by putting your classroom in a professional recording studio. Then we emptied out all the other students and left only YOU and YOUR TEACHER (yay for one-on-one learning!) who happens to be a pro music producer (with killer credits) to train you privately (at your pace, full time, part time, nights or weekends available).

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A college town if there ever was one, musical groups big and small all come through Columbus, Ohio, at some point. With so many bands trying to make a name for themselves, as well as established regional and national acts coming to town, there are plenty of COLUMBUS RECORDING STUDIOS for those looking to improve their sound.

You’ll still be expected to learn the nuts and bolts of music theory, how sound moves through the air, and how our ears take in the music. You will need to read the eBook and there will be tests. You’ll just do it all in the studio, not a classroom. You’ll be able to use what you learn almost immediately instead of waiting for your chance to use whatever gear the university may have.


You don’t have to go into extreme debt to go to Music Production and Audio Engineering School

We can train you in a real recording studio for far less. Play it smart–get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school is a highly effective and affordable way to start your audio engineering career.

The “name” universities will make you take prerequisites and take the classes in the order they deem fit. With us, working one-on-one with your mentor is how you learn. They’ll modify the program to fit your knowledge base and when you have a question, they’ll be there to answer it in a way that makes sense to you. Spend less time on the stuff you know, more time on developing the skills you need to succeed. Afterall, if you already know how to install a digital audio workstation, why waste time learning how to do it again?

Instead of working on a syllabus that’s been rehashed over several years, learn what those in the business are looking for today. The music industry moves at the speed of light – now is not the time to be left behind. You’ll work on the gear professionals are using today, not whatever the university has in storage.




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Featured Colombus Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

The Recording Connection offers something no “name” 4-year university or audio engineering and music production trade school can. From day one, you’ll be placed in a professional recording studio and receive one-on-one mentoring from award-winning producers and engineers.

With more than 200 locations throughout 48 states, you won’t have to travel thousands of miles for this immersive experience. You learn what it takes to make it in the music business from the inside alongside industry professionals. This includes recording, mixing and mastering, hardware and software, live sound design, and even business skills.

Build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.