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Not like any other school, this is Audio Education Updated, Reimagined, and Revitalized. Are You Ready to Take Your Place?

As one of the best college towns in the US, there are plenty of options for learning audio engineering and music production in Columbus OH. But you want to make sure you’re making the most of your time (and money!), so why not choose the institution that costs less, takes less time, and puts you in a one-on-one learning environment with an industry insider in their professional recording studio? That’s the Columbus OH Recording Connection.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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Columbus OH Audio Engineering School

We hit different and here is why: 

A college town if there ever was one, musical groups big and small all come through Columbus, Ohio, at some point. With so many bands trying to make a name for themselves, as well as established regional and national acts coming to town, there are plenty of COLUMBUS RECORDING STUDIOS for those looking to improve their sound.

So why not learn the tricks of the trade of audio engineering in a professional recording studio? The Columbus Recording Connection will place you alongside a PRO MUSIC PRODUCER, where you’ll learn how music gets made in a real-world setting. It’s an experience that just can’t be replicated in a classroom.

Recording Connection also customizes our programs to fit the needs of the student. Traditional 4-year schools make you conform to THEIR schedules, we let you set your hours. The music industry doesn’t punch a clock. When your clients want to work, it’s time to work. No matter what time it is.  

The “name” universities will make you take prerequisites and take the classes in the order they deem fit. With us, working one-on-one with your mentor is how you learn. They’ll modify the program to fit your knowledge base and when you have a question, they’ll be there to answer it in a way that makes sense to you. Spend less time on the stuff you know, more time on developing the skills you need to succeed. Afterall, if you already know how to install a digital audio workstation, why waste time learning how to do it again?

Instead of working on a syllabus that’s been rehashed over several years, learn what those in the business are looking for today. The music industry moves at the speed of light – now is not the time to be left behind. You’ll work on the gear professionals are using today, not whatever the university has in storage.  

You’ll still be expected to learn the nuts and bolts of music theory, how sound moves through the air, and how our ears take in the music. You will need to read the eBook and there will be tests. You’ll just do it all in the studio, not a classroom. You’ll be able to use what you learn almost immediately instead of waiting for your chance to use whatever gear the university may have.

You may be noticing a trend here. At those traditional schools, it’s all about THEM. At Recording Connection, we’re here for YOU. Our Academic Facilitators will make sure YOU have everything you need to succeed. YOU’LL spend less time and money. At the end of the program, YOUR portfolio will be ready to show prospective clients.

Now is the time to Amplify Your Life.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Avoid Huge Student Loan Debt and Save Time

So many audio engineering and music production schools demand you pay up to $50,000 (or more) and spend two or four years learning the business inside a classroom. After earning a diploma, they shake your hand and send you on your way. Recording Connection hits a little bit differently: Our tuition is just a fraction of four-year universities, our programs last six to nine months, and we offer one year of job placement assistance after completing one of our programs.

In less than a year, you could be on your way to a fantastic career in the music industry. Or you could be preparing for another year in a classroom, waiting for your turn to use the equipment, and competing with other students for the attention of your teacher–and taking out another loan to pay for your sophomore year. The choice is yours (but we think it’s a pretty easy one).


10 Miles, 10 Blocks, or 10 Seconds away from your future

The Recording Connection mentos can be found in Columbus, throughout Ohio, and all over the United States. There is no reason for you to move thousands of miles away from home for an education in audio engineering and music production. Especially when you can get hands-on experience in your own backyard.

We mean that literally – just so long as you have somewhere to work, have reliable internet, and a powerful enough computer. For decades, students have been enrolling in our virtual learning programs. So when Covid hit, the COLUMBUS RECORDING CONNECTION was already prepared. 

This means you aren’t limited to the mentors we have in the city. Is there a particular producer you’d like to learn from, but they’re located hundreds of miles away? Our programs are designed so that you learn from any of our mentors, from anywhere, at any time. Want some feedback from a mentor in Memphis at 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday? There’s a good chance you’ll get it at 10:31 – unless your mentor happens to be working with a Grammy winner at that moment.


Recording Connection

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Columbus, OH 43212

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Make Connections That Can Help Your Career

In this industry, who you know is just as important as what you know. The Columbus OH Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Production Programs give you both. You’ll learn how music is made today, work with the most up-to-date equipment, and see how a pro studio operates on a daily basis. But you’ll also have the chance to meet and work with those that can help get your career off the ground.

Many of our students go on to work with their mentors in their studio or find work at other studios because they learned music production the right way. The most dedicated students are able to make enough connections to start their own studios, building relationships with clients during their time with Recording Connection. These are opportunities that just aren’t available in a classroom. Are you ready to amplify your life? Get started today.


Work with the Stars or Amplify Your Sound

With the Columbus Recording Connection, you’ll learn the physical and psychological properties of making music, you’ll do it in less time and less money, and you’ll be getting one-on-one mentoring from an industrial insider to help build an unshakeable foundation. But that may not even be the best part of our programs. 

In a university setting, you’d be working with other students, bouncing ideas off of one another. Maybe you’d get the occasional “guest” speaker. There are no such things as guest speakers when you’re working with your mentor. We offer the opportunity to land weekend gigs, the chance to go on the road, and employment prospects you just can’t get in a college setting. 

The Recording Connection offers opportunities. The opportunity to learn from and work with a music professional. The opportunity to make connections with people that may be looking to hire you in the coming months. The opportunity to build your portfolio to send to potential clients. With us, you’re building a resume. At a “name” school, you’re working on your GPA.

What makes more sense?

But while you could be getting these opportunities on a weekly basis, how you handle yourself makes all the difference in the music-making world. Are you texting friends, wandering the studio, or showing up late and leaving early? Or are you making yourself indispensable? From anticipating when a client might need a fresh bottle of water, to taking over the entire session, the impressions you make now will come to fruition in the future.

Sometimes the very near future. Students in our programs have been hired in the days after graduating, within the very same studio where they learned. Or they’ve been hired at other recording studios, based on a good word from your mentor. Opening their own studios has even been the reality of those who wanted to call their own shots. Some students have even been hired halfway through completing the program they’re enrolled in!

We didn’t give them those jobs. We gave them the opportunities to earn those jobs. What will you be earning during your time with us?


With studios that can reach more that 1,800 square feet as well as smaller rooms for more intimate sessions, Columbus Recording Connection mentors have the right room for any act. gospel, R&B, hip hop, jazz, classical, country, and rock and roll. 

With the most up to date software (Pro Tools digital audio workstations, Wavelab, and a massive plug-in library) as well as trusty analog gear and instruments, our Columbus mentor is ready for everything and anyone. To prove our point, our mentors have worked with legends in all fields (Lil’ Wayne and James Taylor), stalwarts in the industry (NBC, the WB, and MTV), and across other industries as well (Wendy’s, Kroger’s, and White Castle).

That’s the key to becoming a successful audio engineer or music producer: Work With Anyone At Any Time. As soon as you’re as big as Dr. Dre or Jay-Z, then you can start picking and choosing. Until then, improve, refine, and perfect your work with our mentors and on your own.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.