Audio and Music Production School in Dallas, Texas

Universities have teachers, we have PRO MUSIC PRODUCERS. Universities have classrooms, we have professional AUDIO RECORDING STUDIOS. Universities have set schedules, prerequisites, and four years of debt. Our curriculum comes from what’s happening in the real world, right now, from the people doing the work.

And we give it to you in a fraction of the time and the cost. Working one on one with a mentor, you’ll have the undivided attention of industry insiders. You get to learn, build your brand, and build your portfolio of work all while getting comprehensive education in audio engineering and production.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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Many of our students are working in the industry right now, even before they finished the program! Others get hired on at the studios they learned at while the most driven graduates start their own studios. Our gear is up to date, our mentors are cutting edge, and our programs are comprehensive. But it’s your life – how do you want to spend it?

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Learn In Person or Remotely

Uptown, Downtown. The West End to the Far North. Wolf Creek, Lake Highlands, and Oak Lawn. There are a lot of places to live in Dallas, and almost as many DALLAS TX AUDIO ENGINEERING SCHOOLS. The Recording Connection has locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area for you to choose from. Want to keep it safe during this new normal? That’s cool.

Years ago, we were one of the first audio engineering schools to offer remote learning in the country. In-person or at home, our mentors will give you the same education. We feel we have the perfect mix of in-person music programs as well as virtual learning to elevate your love of music to making music your life.


Recording Connection

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Recording Connection

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Featured Dallas Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

There are several AUDIO ENGINEERING SCHOOLS in Dallas to choose from. But how many place you in a real-world Dallas recording studio? Only DALLAS RECORDING CONNECTION locations give you a seat at the table inside an actual working audio engineering and music production studio. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering, engineering, beat-making, creating your music – you’ll have the opportunities to do it all from the inside.

But this is the music industry, right? No matter if it’s Dallas/Fort Worth, L.A., N.Y., or Miami, who you know is as important as what you know. With Recording Connection, you’ll be given the opportunities to make connections not available in the traditional university environment. Show them what you got.

Learn the industry from the inside, build a brand, and produce your portfolio – it’s all part of the DALLAS RECORDING CONNECTION PROGRAM. A university may have name recognition, but after four years, all they offer is a degree. With us, you could already have three years of experience in audio production or as a live sound engineer. What makes more sense?

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.