Audio and Music Production School in Rochester, New York

Not like any other school, this is Audio Education Updated, Reimagined, and Revitalized. Are You Ready to Take Your Place?

We took that old stale classroom concept, rebuilt and upgraded it by putting your classroom in a professional recording studio. Then we emptied out all the other students and left only YOU and YOUR TEACHER (yay for one-on-one learning!) who happens to be a pro music producer (with killer credits) to train you privately (at your pace, full time, part time, nights or weekends available).

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

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We hit different and here is why: 

Everybody knows the standard M.O. of attending university for a traditional degree. Rushing to the registrar hoping to get the classes you want at the times you want – and being forced to take the classes you don’t. Spending time in a classroom, fighting for the teacher’s attention with all the other students.  

The music industry is far from traditional – so why take the standard approach when learning AUDIO ENGINEERING AND MUSIC PRODUCTION IN ROCHESTER? The Rochester Recording Connection lets you set your own schedule, learn what you want to learn, and you never have to step foot in a traditional classroom. 

Lab time? It’s all lab time with us. We put you in a professional ROCHESTER RECORDING STUDIO, giving you six or nine months (not four years) of one-on-one time with a PRO MUSIC PRODUCER. You’ll learn how the music of today is made in an immersive environment. 

Already have a job or other commitments during the day? We won’t make you uproot your life to attend. Working with an Academic Facilitator, you’ll be able to set up times that work for you. After all, music is made 24/7, 365 days a year – not in predetermined eight-hour chunks.

Prerequisites? What’s a prerequisite? Recording Connection mentors won’t make you relearn stuff you already know. Already understand music theory or can read sheet music? You’ll spend your time learning the ins and outs of a digital audio workstation. We’ll give you a solid foundation for what you don’t know and strengthen your understanding of what you do.

Where we really separate ourselves from four-year universities and other institutes of higher learning is the amount of time and money it takes to complete our audio engineering and music production program. Our programs last from six to nine months and cost a fraction of so many of those “name” schools. 

Recording Connection was created to give you a real-world look at how today’s music gets made. Your mentor is a working audio engineer or music producer. With us, you could be working with local acts, regional talent, and maybe even a few nationally known artists while you build up your skills and experience. Instead of reading about it, you’ll be doing it. Are you ready to amplify your life?

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

You don’t have to go into extreme debt to go to Music Production and Audio Engineering School

We can train you in a real recording studio for far less. Play it smart–get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school is a highly effective and affordable way to start your audio engineering career.

Where we really separate ourselves from four-year universities and other institutes of higher learning is the amount of time and money it takes to complete our audio engineering and music production program. Our programs last from six to nine months and cost a fraction of so many of those “name” schools.


10 Miles, 10 Blocks, or 10 Seconds Away from Your Future

The Rochester Recording Connection is just one of more than 250 locations around the United States. We want to prove you don’t need to live in New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami to learn audio engineering and music production from inside the studio.

But we also understand no matter how close you live to one of our mentors, life can get in the way. Whether it’s professional or family commitments – or a worldwide pandemic – you may not be able to commit to in-person attendance. That’s why we’ve been offering remote learning for decades.

You’ll still learn about digital audio workstations, still get that one-on-one time with your mentor, and still get the required reading, quizzes, and exams. You’ll just be able to do it from your home. We are an educational institution, a post-secondary that’s radically different in its approach. With us, you aren’t limited to the mentors in your area – we’ve opened up the entire country when it comes to choosing who you want to work with (granted they accept you as their extern)!


Recording Connection

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Recording Connection

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Featured Rochester Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

The Recording Connection offers something no “name” 4-year university or audio engineering and music production trade school can. From day one, you’ll be placed in a professional recording studio and receive one-on-one mentoring from award-winning producers and engineers.

With more than 200 locations throughout 48 states, you won’t have to travel thousands of miles for this immersive experience. You learn what it takes to make it in the music business from the inside alongside industry professionals. This includes recording, mixing and mastering, hardware and software, live sound design, and even business skills.


Work with the Stars or Amplify Your Sound

We’ve designed our programs to give students real-world experience while they work towards a career in the music industry. We feel being in the studio getting your hands dirty, is a lot more beneficial than being in a classroom. We’re less expensive than most. We let you choose your path. And we don’t demand a two- or four-year commitment.

And it gets better. While we can’t guarantee you’ll have a job waiting for you upon completion of one of our programs, we give you the next best thing: Opportunity. Every day you spend in the studio is another opportunity to impress your mentor, potential clients, and other audio engineers or music producers. 

Think of it as an interview process, but instead of going to their office, they come to you. Whether you’re setting up the mics, sitting in on a session, or manning the console on your own, this is your time to show the world what you got. How you handle yourself during these opportunities will go a long way in determining your career path.

More than 25,000 students have found work after completing our programs. Some stay on at the studio they externed at while others found work in other studios based on positive word of mouth. Our students have gone on to open their own studios and a few have even been hired away in the middle of their program!

We provided the opportunities, the connections, and they made the most of them. What will you do when it’s your time?


The Rochester, NY, Recording Connection proves you don’t have to be in NYC to make great music or work with the stars. Our mentors have worked with Skid Row, One Republic, Air Dubai, Kid Astronaut, as well as a host of other EDM enthusiasts. Their studio space is broken into multiple rooms, each equipped to handle any genre of choice.

They even have a mobile studio, complete with both digital and analog equipment. Perfect for on-location work and live recording. Back at the facility, they’re bursting at the seams with Logic X, Ableton, and Pro Tools digital audio workstations, Neve consoles, Digidesign syncs, and multiple brands of mics, monitors, plug-ins, and more.

But running a studio is more than just making music – you’ll need to bring clients in first. Our mentors will help you build a brand, market yourself, and show you how to get clients in the door. Making music is why you’re here, but there’s plenty to learn on the business side of things, too.

Audio Engineering and Music Production School

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.