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Audio and Music Production School in San Antonio, Texas

We took that old stale classroom concept, rebuilt and upgraded it by putting your classroom in a professional recording studio. Then we emptied out all the other students and left only YOU and YOUR TEACHER (yay for one-on-one learning!) who happens to be a pro music producer (with killer credits) to train you privately (at your pace, full time, part time, nights or weekends available).

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There are a few different directions you can go about getting the experience you need to make a career in audio engineering and music production. You can spend a few hours a week, reading through online tutorials, watching YouTube videos, and trying to figure things out your own way; that’s one direction.

Or, you could also spend six figures on a four-year university. Take the prerequisites you don’t really need, potentially move thousands of miles away from your life, and end up with a diploma, a pat on the back, and not much else. Their schedule, their lesson plans, their class sizes. Their rules.

Then there’s the Recording Connection way. You set your schedule, you choose what programs you want to take, and you get to work one-on-one with a PRO MUSIC PRODUCER. There are no classrooms, just PROFESSIONAL SAN ANTONIO RECORDING STUDIOS. Whether you have recorded a few tracks of your own, once played in the high school band, or know the difference between a treble and a bass clef, or not.

You don’t have to go into extreme debt to go to Music Production and Audio Engineering School

We can train you in a real recording studio for far less. Play it smart–get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school is a highly effective and affordable way to start your audio engineering career.

There are SAN ANTONIO MUSIC PRODUCTION SCHOOLS to choose from, but how many put you in a real-world recording studio in the first week, giving you a fully immersive, hands-on experience over a six-to-nine month period? With us, the Recording Connection Academic Facilitator, your mentor, and you will collaborate on a schedule and customize your training program to suit your needs.



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Featured San Antonio Music Production Mentors on Location or Remote

The Recording Connection offers something no “name” 4-year university or audio engineering and music production trade school can. From day one, you’ll be placed in a professional recording studio and receive one-on-one mentoring from award-winning producers and engineers.

With more than 200 locations throughout 48 states, you won’t have to travel thousands of miles for this immersive experience. You learn what it takes to make it in the music business from the inside alongside industry professionals. This includes recording, mixing and mastering, hardware and software, live sound design, and even business skills.

Build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.