The Recording Connection is an audio engineering school that specializes in assisting students in finding work. Most music production schools only emphasize the theoretical elements of the discipline. The Recording Connection pairs you with a mentor who will teach you everything you need to know about the art of audio engineering while simultaneously introduction you to individuals who could hire you at a later date.

The Recording Connection has audio engineering schools all over Delaware. We’re literally everywhere. And if we don’t have a school located in the town or city that you’re currently living in, we’ll open one. There’s plenty of audio engineering work to be done in just about every area. It only behooves us to open more locations. How do we do it? We put you in a real recording studio to be trained by a real producer/engineer. Your school is the recording studio.

The Recording Connection makes sure that by the time you’ve graduated you’re well connected, experienced and skilled. Through our curriculum, we make sure that all of our students know Nmore, Pro Tools, Logic and Reason. We also offer additional classes in Ableton. We want you to be equipped to handle any audio need for any client.

The Recording Connection is founded on a simple idea: connections. The music industry runs on connections. We understand that you need to know people in order to advance. That’s why our whole approach is based on getting you into a studio and enabling you to assist people. You’re the only one who can seal the deal. We’ll get you in the room at the right time, but you have to have the charisma and the talent to win people over.

The Recording Connection understands that breaking in is the hard part. Everything else is easy.

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