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The Recording Connection is the best way for aspiring audio engineers to get their foot in the door of the recording industry. We are an audio engineering school and music production extern program that pairs young producers and engineers with established pros. The Recording Connection is located wherever you are. That’s right; if you’re living in Florida and planning on going to school in Tallahassee, we have an audio engineering school there. We also have music production schools in Miami and Orlando.

The Recording Connection goes to extra lengths to ensure that you are prepared and trained to handle anything the industry will throw at you. You’ll be working and learning in a real recording studio under the watchful eye of your mentor. You’ll be trained in the arts of Ableton, Nmore, Logic, Reason, and Pro Tools.

The Recording Connection in Florida knows that you’re going to need connections in order to succeed. You’re going to require people to help you out in order to make it in the audio recording business. You’re going to have to know people in order to get in the proverbial door. That’s why our program is based in a real recording studio. We want you to be able to make connections with industry veterans.

The Recoding Connection is the audio school of the future. If you’re living in Florida and attempting to pursue audio engineering as a career, we have the perfect mentor for you!

Externship Locations in Florida:

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