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The Recording Connection in Illinois is an audio engineering school that will help you become the next great music producer or audio engineer. We place our students in a mentor/extern relationship within a studio environment. We help you become a skilled craftsman while meeting individuals that will help you jumpstart your career.

The Recording Connection in Illinois takes extra care to ensure that you’re up to industry standards. We teach you Nmore, Logic, Reason and Pro Tools. We want you to have every skill available to you when you’re solving creative problems.

The Recording Connection is located everywhere across the state of Illinois. Would you like to study in Chicago, Quincy, or Rockford? Well, we’ve got locations in these cities and more. We can pair you with a real producer or engineer near where you live.

We want to make sure that students from all walks of life can attend our school—and we also don’t want you saddled with debt when you graduate. That’s why the Recording Connection keeps its tuition at a very reasonable level. We want to help launch your career as a music producer or audio engineer—not be forced into a dead-end job to pay off your debts.

The Recording Connection is built around a single idea: connections. Every creative industry runs on connections. It’s just that simple. If you’re a diligent worker and have industry connections, then work within your industry is practically guaranteed. By placing you in a real recording studio, we give you the opportunity to make industry connections you’d never make in a traditional classroom.

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