The Michigan Recording Connection is one of the most prestigious audio engineering schools in the country. We are an audio engineering school with a unique approach to education. Instead of placing you in a classroom, we place you in a real recording studio to extern with a currently working audio who will teach you, one-on-one, everything you need to know about the audio engineering business. You’ll be working and learning the industry from the inside.

The Recording Connection ensures that you have all the requisite skills to become an amazing audio engineer, so you’ll be prepared for every eventuality. Besides teaching the basics of recording and mixing, we also teach you Ableton, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, and other software programs you’ll need to know.

We are aware that maintaining an affordable tuition is of paramount importance. The fact that tuition costs in America are skyrocketing is a dreadful reality. Student loans prevent people from taking chances and really exploring all of their creative options. The Recording Connection aims to help people jumpstart their careers, not bog them down in debt.

Besides giving you the skills of audio engineering and music production, the Recording Connection’s goal is to assist you in building up a network of connections. Making connections with people in the music industry is extremely important to your future, and taking the time to invest in people is an important part of any creative career. The Recording Connection places a large amount of emphasis on building up connections with industry professionals. We put you in a real recording studio, we teach you a valuable skill set, and we give you a venue to showcase your skills.

The Recording Connection is all over Michigan. If you’d like to study in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Detroit, we can make it happen. If you’d like to attend our audio engineering school in a town that doesn’t currently have a Recording Connection location in it, we’ll open one. We can plug you into the music industry wherever you happen to live.

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