New Hampshire

The Recording Connection in New Hampshire is one of the most affordable and accessible audio engineering schools in the country. We specialize in a method of music production education unlike any other school, placing all our students in real recording studios where they receive real-world experience and hands-on training.

The Recording Connection utilizes a particularly effective mentorship program. We pair our students with real industry veterans who teach them everything they need to know. While students are in our program, they learn the industry standard recording and mixing software programs: Nmore, Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, and Ableton are just a few of the programs that we insist our students master.

Because our externships take place in real recording studios, we are located wherever you need us to be. We have audio engineering schools (externship locations) in almost every town and city in New Hampshire. If you’d like to study in Concord or Keene or Nashua, we can arrange it. If you live in a city where we do not currently have a branch, we’ll install one specifically for you.

The Recording Connection curriculum is cutting-edge, and when combined with the real-world experience and connections you receive as an extern, it will prepare you for a real music industry career more effectively than any ordinary school can boast. We put you into a real recording studio, we introduce to working pros, and we give you a venue to show off your skills. This gives you experience and connections you’d never get in a traditional classroom.

In any creative field, connections matter. They’re the gateway to more work, better pay, and higher profile employment. Making connections with people in the industry is not only beneficial to your career—it’s critical. That’s why we put you in a real recording studio for real-world training, from day one.

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