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Saskatchewan may seem a long way from recording industry hubs like Los Angeles or New York. But as recording equipment technology advances, location doesn’t matter as much as talent, experience, and connections. With the Recording Connection, you’ll have the opportunity to gain all three.

The Recording Connection Music School in Saskatchewan gives you the unique opportunity to learn foundational skills in audio engineering and music production while making connections with industry insiders. You’ll learn from industry insiders in a one-on-one, fully immersive environment: a professional recording studio. You’ll use the gear, learn from a pro, and work with artists.

Our mentors use Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, and other digital audio workstations that are used by audio engineers, music producers, and artists around the world. What you learn as an extern in Saskatchewan will translate to almost any other recording studio in the world. Saskatchewan Recording Connection courses prepare you for how music is made today and give you a first-hand look at how an actual studio operates.

In addition to the technical aspects of our programs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with others working in the business. You’ll be making the kinds of connections that can help you with your career upon completion of your course. Our externs often find work with their mentors or at other studios on their mentor’s recommendation. 

Why uproot your life, move thousands of miles away, and worry about how you’re going to pay back $50k without really learning how the real world operates? Not to mention spending four years away from friends and family. And although we believe being in the studio is the best way to take our programs, we also offer remote learning options. You’ll get the same one-on-one tutoring and world-class education from the comfort of your own home.

It’s just one of the ways we increase access to our programs instead of making them more exclusive. Recording Connection music courses in Saskatchewan are designed around your experience and level of understanding of music itself. You’ll work with your mentor and an Academic Facilitator to develop a curriculum that improves your strengths and helps you on your career path.

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