Recording Connection Music Schools in Utah

The Recording Connection Music Schools in Utah is one of the only alternative to audio engineering schools that utilizes the mentor-extern approach to music production education. We pair each one of our students with a real music producer or audio engineer who teaches them the ins and outs of the recording industry. The Recording Connection is not some typical music production school, with us the mentor seriously takes the career of the student into account when teaching them their craft.

As an extern in a real recording studio, you’ll learn industry-standard software programs like Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason. We want all of our students to be equipped with the right tools for the right job, to be equipped to work at any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection in Utah prepares students for the realities of the working world by helping them gain experience in the workforce while they are still students. The fact that our students are externing/externing in real recording studios, learning from pros, and constantly interacting with individuals from all walks of the biz means they’re going to be ten times more able to excel when they finally start seeking paid work.

The Recording Connection is everywhere. Almost literally. We have audio engineering school locations i.e. externship locations in nearly every city in the United States, including most major cities in Utah. We keep track of all of the audio engineering and music production hotbeds, and we attempt to open a new location anytime we see a demand for new audio engineers or producers. If you live in Utah and want to get into the music game, we’re your best bet. Not only do we offer locations in Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden, but if you live in a city where we don’t have a location, we’ll open one up for you.

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