Joshua Maxi – West Orange, NJ

The recording connection is an amazing program for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional college/secondary school experience. They put you directly under the tutelage of experienced staff members currently working at top of the line recording studios in your area that offer a wealth of knowledge a textbook wouldn’t be able to provide. They also assign you a mentor and academic facilitator to allow for more attentive weekly learning sessions as well as any additional bookings if needed. I was fortunate to be paired up with an award winning engineer who was not only a sound guru but also a friend, willing to accommodate with the unexpected pop ups in life. Whether it be last second rescheduling or dropping some gems from personal life experience, Nacor was a mentor and more. I look forward to talking the next steps with the program and their career services department but I’ll never forget the support provided by Nacor and Alex as I elevated myself into the world of audio engineering and the music industry.

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