Recording Connection student Alex Adams works with Miley Cyrus!

Miley_picRecording Connection student Alex Adams is honing his audio engineering and music production skills at Poons Head Studios where he’s externing under Rob Grant. The studios’ clients include Tame Impala, Death Cab for Cutie, Knife Party, Lenny Kravitz and now–Miley Cyrus. The young artist, manager and entourage were in Perth on her Bangerz World Tour. Alex says, “Perth was the last stop on the tour. Two days before the concert, Miley and her engineer, Paul Hager, decided to book a day at Poons Head Studios where I’ve been placed for the program. Throughout the day, we recorded vocals for songs that will be potentially be on her next album.”

Alex says the experience was completely positive and just a bit surreal. “It felt just like the other day I was a kid watching Hannah Montana in my living room, and now I’ve had the chance to be in the studio with Miley,” he says. “It was such an amazing experience being around an artist like her… the level of professionalism that she brings and her work ethic is second to none.”

Producer, engineer and mentor, Rob Grant, agrees. “It was actually a very highly productive day when we had Miley in the studio,” he says. “We were laying down vocals on three new tracks, and keys on at least two. The vocal takes were superb, and the new tracks are sounding excellent.” Rob also had some kind words for his student extern: “It’s been great having Alex in the studio helping out,” he says. “Like all great things in life, it is always best when the rewards are mutual, and this has certainly been the case with Alex.”

Getting to meet and work with Miley Cyrus has steeled Alex Adams resolve to make the very most of the opportunities that come his way. “Without doing RRFC, I would never have got to be in the studio with an artist like Miley,” he says. “That day has made me work even harder to make sure that wasn’t going to be the only day in my career when I am working with artists of that caliber.”

Way to go Alex!

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