Heather Crawford Goes from DJ to Music Producer

Doug_Heather_CrawfordSometimes you just need a bit of a guiding hand to help you see the way. As a creative, sometimes you have limitations or ineptitudes that you don’t see and can’t fix yourself. You need an outside perspective to really shine a light on what you could do to improve your skillset.

Heather Crawford’s first taste of fame came when she was cast on VH1’s reality dating show “Flava of Love.” Since then, she’s launched a successful career as a DJ with a nightly at Hustler Casino, gigs at Hard Rock Cafe and a residency at a very well-known Los Angeles institution under the moniker DJ Zienna. She’s even been featured on Bishop Don Juan’s radio show. Heather’s hard work and business sense have helped her build her career and, to be fair, she’s come a long way but recently she found she wanted more.

She’s been wanting to produce and engineer her own music. She’s been studying on her own, but between working her grueling schedule and making sure to continue to book herself into new venues, she hasn’t had enough time to fully grow as a full-fledged music producer, capable of making her own tracks.

Heather decided to buckle down and make her goal a reality. Naturally, she considered going to a high-priced audio engineering school but then she landed on The Recording Connection.
Heather was paired with Doug Boulware at Abstract Recording Studios in Los Angeles. After a few initial “getting to know you” meetings Heather settled into her apprenticeship and had the opportunity to make the most of her precious time by being able to connect and get one-on-one instruction from Doug, whom she says was “absolutely amazing [at] helping me understand musical concepts and to be comfortable in the studio.”

Well perhaps it isn’t surprising then to hear that Heather’s newfound music producing skills are already paying off. She’s booked a new DJing gig in Shanghai, China. Understandably, Heather is overjoyed that her creative efforts are affording her the opportunity to not only support herself with her art but also travel abroad.

Heather is planning on taking this creative momentum she’s accrued and putting it to good use. She wants to make something that is wholly hers and will help her get to the next level in her music career. She’s on the brink of making it happen. “I want to personally work on my own music, and now I have the capability of being able to do that,” Heather says with nary a doubt in her voice. Thanks to her hard work and her newfound skills Heather will be able to transition from a successful DJ into a full-fledged music producer. We’re happy to see her on the rise.

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