Lesson 15: Time-based FX

In Recording Connection audio engineering program lesson 15 you will learn time-based audio FX. Time-based effects, along with many other tools found in the modern studio, are catalysts for creativity, and they have a wide range of uses in the studio and onstage. When applied to the audio signal, tools such as delay or reverb will alter the space and time of a given sound in the stereo field, depending on certain variables of the device you’re using. The desired effect can take you somewhere far beyond the original sound source, and when used to taste, a subtle shift in the listener’s subconscious occurs, altering the perception of the sound by just the right amount. Audio engineers use these tools to control how reproduced sound is perceived in the overall stereo (or surround) mix coming out of speakers or headphones. In this chapter, we will investigate some of the most useful parameters found within time-based effect units, and how they can effectively be used to “paint a picture” of sound in the modern studio.


  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Other Time-Based Effects
  • Mix Assignment Continued
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