Lesson 17: Automation In Pro Tools

Recording Connection audio engineering program lesson 17 teaches you about automation in Pro Tools. Automation in Pro Tools is the ability to control a specific parameter automatically by telling Pro Tools what to do, and when to do it in real-time. For example, you might need to adjust the volume of your vocal track at 1 minute and 32 seconds by increasing the volume precisely by 4 decibels. At the same point in time, you might need to shift the pan on your guitar track from the left side to the right. With automation, you can do both of these moves simultaneously, and more importantly…automatically. It’s an incredibly helpful and useful tool! In this chapter, we will go over how to employ automation in your sessions, and where the practice came from.


  • History of Automation
  • Automation Inside Pro Tools
  • Automation of Plugins Inside Pro Tools
  • Chapter Quiz
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