Lesson 4: Audio Connectors, Connectivity & Audio Signal Flow

In Recording Connection audio engineering program lesson 4 you will learn about audio connectors, connectivity, and audio signal flow. Let’s think for a moment about the long journey that a single sound recorded in a studio must take in order to travel from the musician’s instrument to the control room monitors. Picture yourself in the studio tracking electric guitar overdubs with your favorite guitar player—Slash, or Jimi, or whoever, is in your live room are you’re sitting at the console running the session. Now, let’s follow the path of the electric guitar signal from beginning to end. In this chapter, we will take a look at not only the path, or signal flow, that your audio signal take, but also at the connections you will find in your typical studio. Understanding how things are integrated into your signal flow will help you understand how to implement various popular techniques for manipulating both digital and analog audio signals.


  • Connectors
  • Analog Signals & Voltage
  • Analog Cables & Connectors
  • Digital Cables & Protocols
  • Patch Bays
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