If you’re a person who makes music you know that Digital Audio Workstations aka DAWs are essential to your work. There’s almost no way to create music today without them. You build your beats, songs, and projects in a digital space. Sure you might play a few analog instruments, but you’re playing them into a computer. Then you craft sonic soundscapes that transport listeners to far off emotional vistas within a digital arena.

Ableton Live is a tier-one DAW that is centered on created Hip Hop, EDM and Live DJ projects. It’s one of the select few industry standards. Ableton Live’s strengths include sequencing, manipulating sounds and sampling. Out-of-the-box, Ableton Live boasts an impressive variety of audio and MIDI effects and comes equipped with a boat-load of samples and instruments. Additionally, Ableton Live makes electronic creation, live performance, and improvisation easy.

It’s an essential tool for anyone working in the dance, EDM or Hip Hop spaces. Additionally, if you’re someone with your sights on the live DJ, club DJ, or event DJ spaces, you better start studying. There’s only one way to go when it comes to DAWs if you want to play in these playgrounds. And it’s Ableton Live.

What Producers Who Use Ableton Need to Know

So, the question becomes, “How do you become proficient in Ableton?” Well, practice makes perfect. You have to put in the reps. You have to put in the sweat equity. There are online classes, YouTube Tutorials and certification classes. These are widely available online and can help you level up. All you need is a little cash, in some instances, and a lot of passion.The only way to really get good at anything is just to spend time doing it. The only way to master Ableton is to use it. Like any DAW, Ableton Live is a tool. What matters is the skill and talent of the person using the tool. Nothing else.

Being able to ask questions and get practical answers from a professional music maker or DJ who works with Ableton on a professionally can help you elevate your skills and abilities. Unfortunately, due to their one-sided nature, online tutorials are not good at this.

The Recording Connection offers a variety of music recording and creating programs based on the Mentor Model of education. This interactive component of the programs works because of the in-person, hands-on, one-on-one lessons allows you to truly learn by doing. The classes are taught by accomplished music professionals. Industry veterans who have decades of experience in some cases and awards on their shelves.

The Recording Connection offers three programs in Ableton Live: Ableton Electronic Music Production, Advanced Ableton Electronic Music Production and Live DJ. These programs are designed to teach you how to arrange, compose, and sound synthesize in Ableton. This way you can bring to life the music that’s in your head. We want to give you the skills to create the unique tracks that are bouncing around your head.

Become a Producer that Uses Ableton

The Ableton Electronic Music Production program is a 24-week music creator course. The Advanced Ableton Electronic Music Production program is a 36-week music creator course that is designed to get your music in front of decision makers in the EDM world in addition to learning how to use Ableton as a music creator.

Ableton Live is a highly versatile and popular DAW that is more than capable of being the backbone to your music creation and performance needs. If electronic music is what you create, the Recording Connection has an Ableton program designed to help you elevate your skills so that you can make music and build the music career you want to have.

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