The Recording Connection in Georgia is the future of audio engineering education. Our music production schools are, simply put, the absolute best audio engineering schools in the country.

We take extra care to make sure that our students know all of the cutting edge programs used in the recording studio. We instruct our students in Ableton, Nmore, Pro Tools, Logic and Reason. We want our students to be armed to the teeth with skills.

The Recording Connection pairs you, the aspiring engineer, with an established pro in your field. You study one-on-one with this individual and gain both a working knowledge of how the industry functions and also experience in the workplace. If you’re a country music aficionado, we pair you with an award winning country producer. Hip-hop? We do the same. And so on and so forth.

While you’re working and learning from your mentor, you’ll also be meeting people in the studio, making connections. You’ll be filling your address book. You’ll be forming the lasting relationships that will eventually enable you to jumpstart your career.

The Recording Connection allows you to be able to move swiftly in and out of social circles because you’ll no longer be wearing the “outsider” label. You’ll be an insider—one of the team. And as such, you’ll have access to situations and people that you might not otherwise.

The Recording Connection was established for one reason: to help people who have no industry connections jumpstart their careers. That’s why our curriculum is so proximity based. We want you to meet important people, and we want them to be near where you live so that those connections can have a lasting effect. Regardless of where you live in Georgia, whether in Albany or Athens or Atlanta or Augusta, you’ll be able to attend audio engineering school in a studio near where you live.

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Build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.