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The Iowa Recording Connection has a simple goal: to help you break into the music industry and jumpstart your career. We are the only audio engineering and music production school in the United States that actually functions with this as our goal.

Most audio engineering schools want to take your money and shuffle you through an education assembly line. At the Recording Connection, we want you to succeed and to launch a career. We want you to learn a craft, hone a skill set and become a working professional. That’s why we teach all of our students Logic, Reason, Pro Tools and Ableton, so they’ll be equipped to function well in any recording studio in the world.

With the Recording Connection, you won’t be wasting time in a classroom with a career instructor; with our audio engineering school, you’ll be working with established pros in a real recording studio. You’ll be working your way up the industry ladder by meeting people and proving your worth. You’ll be making your mark, even before you graduate.

The Recording Connection can place you in a real recording studio in any city in Iowa. If you’d like to go to school in Davenport or Des Moines, that can be arranged. Or Ottumwa? Sure! Why not?

The Recording Connection is an audio engineering school for audio engineers. That sounds like a simple thing, but it’s much harder than you think. We cater to a very specific group of individuals. We only let people who have a real passion for audio engineering into our school.

The Recording Connection is the only music production school for individuals who are truly serious about making a career in the recording arts. We are on the cutting edge of the industry.

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