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The Recording Connection in Maryland takes a different approach to that of conventional audio engineering schools where you’re learning in a classroom environment. After enrolling in our alternative to music production school they’re already knowledgable about the kind of work and activities that go into working in music because they train within the industry thanks to our unique mentored-externship and online education approach. If you’re looking into audio engineering schools anywhere throughout the country, look us up. We could have a mentor in a recording studio right in your same area.

The Recording Connection has locations all over Maryland. Do you want to go to audio school in Baltimore? Salisbury? Columbia? Rockville? We can put you there, because we train our students in real recording studios.

We don’t just teach you the technical skills of recording and mixing; we teach you by putting you in a real studio, where you become part of the process. Your mentor will teach you Ableton, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, and Nmore, as well as mic placement, signal flow—everything you need to work in any recording studio in the world. We’re dedicated to making you into an audio engineering machine.

The Recording Connection also understands that it’s very difficult to afford school, and you certainly don’t need to be burdened by massive amounts of student debt. That’s why we’ve kept our tuition at an extremely affordable cost. We want our students to focus on learning and not on paying back a ton of debt.

The Recording Connection in Maryland is built on a simple premise: the more connections you have, the easier it will be to find work. That’s why our program places you in the heart of the industry. We place you with a mentor, we put you in a real recording studio, and we introduce you to a bunch of real life industry veterans. These are all connections that you’ll have when you leave the program.

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