The Recording Connection in Montana is one of the most prestigious music production schools in the country. The way we function is completely different from that of any other audio engineering school. Instead of placing you in some stuffy classroom, our school pairs you with a successful producer or engineer who trains you is his/her own recording studio, guiding you through the trails of the music industry.

By teaching you industry standard software programs like Pro Tools, Nmore, Logic, Reason, and Ableton, we make sure that you’re completely prepared for whatever creative challenges might arise. Our curriculum will cover all the bases with you, so that when you graduate, you’ll be equipped to work in any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection in Montana can set you up in any recording school in the state, paring you with a mentor in any city within Montana borders. If you want to study in Billings, Bozemen, Glendive or Helena, we can help you out. Or if you live in a city that where we don’t have a location, we’ll set one up, and you’ll be our first student at that studio.

The Recording Connection is an audio engineering school that is bent on helping to create careers, not just processing our students through a curriculum. We want you to gain experience, skill, and connections while you’re in our program. That may sound like a simple thought, but it’s one that most music production schools don’t really care about. They only care about your ability to pay tuition.

Speaking of tuition, ours is purposefully held at an affordable level. Our school is meant to be a way for individuals to jumpstart their careers, not take on massive amounts of unwanted debt.

The Recording Connection in Montana is one of the most creatively nurturing environments any audio engineering student can encounter. You’ll be constantly encouraged, and always assisted in what you’re attempting to do.

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