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The Recording Connection alternative music school in Tennessee is one of the most acclaimed audio engineering schools in the world. The Recording Connection pairs aspiring audio engineering with currently working music production professionals, and we train them in real Tennessee recording studios. That’s right: imagine working in a world-class recording studio in Nashville, Memphis or Knoxville with someone who has been a mover and shaker in the music industry for years. That’s exactly what we’re about. We want our students to learn everything there is to know about the world of music production, and we want them to get in on the ground floor.

The Recording Connection offers a rigorous curriculum enhanced by real-world training in the studio. We teach our students Ableton, Pro Tools, and other industry standard recording software. We want our students to be virtual music ninjas by the time they graduate from our program.

The Recording Connection is located almost everywhere. That’s not an exaggeration. Since we train our students in real recording studios, we can train you in virtually any city in Tennessee. Whether you want to learn in Jackson, Knoxville, Memphis or Nashville, it can be arranged.

The Recording Connection in Tennessee is based on a simple idea: connections lead to jobs. If you have connections to people in the industry, sooner or later, you’ll be working in the industry in some respect. You’ll be working and learning at a super quick speed in our program. That’s a trait that many people in the audio engineering world want; they want quick studies and people who are experienced. The Recording Connection is simple. We get you in the door, help you learn your craft, and then pair you up with people that can one day hire you.

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