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Recording Connection Music Schools in West Virginia

The Recording Connection Music Schools in West Virginia specializes in a unique brand of audio engineering education. Instead of gathering our students in a central classroom, we place each student individually inside a real West Virginia recording studio to be paired with a mentor, a working music producer or audio engineer. This industry professional teaches the student everything there is to know about the art and craft of audio engineering.

This mentor-extern approach allows all our students to gain valuable real-world experience as they learn their craft. It also enables them to make important connections they’d never make in a classroom. This is exactly why the Recording Connection is one of the most highly acclaimed alternative to audio schools among industry professionals. We get our students closer to the industry than any typical school can.

The Recording Connection in West Virginia is very serious about teaching our students a wide variety of audio engineering skills. During your time with us, you’ll learn Pro Tools, Ableton, Nmore, and Logic. This extensive training will enable you to work in nearly any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection has locations in nearly every city in every state across the United States, because we train our students in actual recording studios. This means we can train you wherever in West Virginia you happen to live, whether it’s Wheeling, Charleston, Morgantown or some other city. If we don’t currently have a location open where you live, we’ll open one. We’re that dedicated to helping our students achieve their audio engineering goals.

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