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The Recording Connection Music Schools in Wisconsin is aware that starting on a career path is difficult. It’s hard to start from scratch. It means you’ll be beginning a journey with no experience and no connections.

But what if you could start your career already knowing people in the industry, and already having work experience? That’s exactly what the Recording Connection audio engineering school does. We pair you with a mentor, put you to work in a real recording studio, and help you make connections.

The Recording Connection has a comprehensive curriculum combining homework with lots of hand-on training. With our program, you’ll learn to be proficient in Ableton, Logic, Reason, Nmore, and Pro Tools, so when you graduate, you’ll be qualified to work in any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection is structured the way it is for one simple reason: connections. Connections are critical to the music industry because in this business, you don’t just fill out a job application. You need to know people of influence, and they need to know you. We put you in the heart of the action so you can make those connections, giving you the potential to advance, even while you’re still a student. (Many of our students get hired even before they graduate.)

The Recording Connection in Wisconsin can teach you almost anywhere you happen to live—whether it’s Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or some other town. Because we train our students in real recording studios, we can place you in a studio near where you live.

Our unique on-the-job training means you’ll have opportunities that other audio students simply don’t have. If you make the most of the opportunity and work hard, you’ll be well on your way to a successful music industry career. That’s the power of the Recording Connection.

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