Recording Connection Music Schools in Wyoming

The Recording Connection Music Schools in Wyoming is the most innovative audio engineering school in the state. We operate on a mentorship basis, pairing each of our students with a working music producer or engineer who teaches the student the ways of the industry. Every student is trained in a real recording studio, where he/she learns how the music industry really works.

The Recording Connection is located wherever you are. It really is as simple as that. Because we train our students in real recording studios, we have audio engineering school locations all over the United States. Wherever in Wyoming you live, whether in Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie or Jackson Hole, we can train you in a studio near where you live.

The Recording Connection is fully aware of the skyrocketing costs of education, and how so many students take on huge amounts of debt to attend audio engineering school. We’ve consciously avoided that trend by making our tuition rates among the most affordable in the industry. We want people from all walks of life to be able to pursue their goals and dreams without being enslaved to debt.

Our audio engineering school is all about connections. The Recording Connection puts you in the same space with working professionals, where you can connect and form valuable working relationships. These people are your gateway to the industry. If you prove yourself in the studio, they’ll almost always go the extra mile to help you find work and become a successful audio engineer. The Recording Connection has had massive successes with this education model. You’ll be working and learning side by side with people that will be able to either hire you or recommend you for a job. It’s just that simple.

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