Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 13: Workflows/Synthesizers

As you start working on your single, you’ll look into putting together workflows that serve you well by including the feel, sounds, instruments, and qualities that are associated with you as an artist/producer. From there you’ll get into setting up templates that include the instruments and effects that you gravitate toward so that everything is ready to go from the moment you start.

Next, your music-making journey continues by breaking up your single into scenes via Ableton Sequencer. By recording yourself switching between different scenes, it’s easy to bounce from location to location, amusing the audience with the changeups and dynamics of your song, while staying in perfect time.

You’ll also learn an easy and effective way to record an arrangement for songwriting using Ableton Live. Ableton is one of the few digital audio workstations that allow you to record your arrangement in real-time. Homework for this course includes breaking down two songs into scenes within Ableton, recording three mixes of your second song, and creating a shortened bio for different music streaming services.

For your digital field trip, you’ll celebrate the opulence of sound with a visit to Eric Persing’s brainchild company, Spectrasonics. The listening library for this course consists of When I Get Home from Solange, and you’ll make note of production techniques, the types of synths used, and the overall vibe of the album.