Lesson 25: Advanced Techniques

Welcome to Course 25: Advanced Techniques, where you’ll acquire advanced skills in Ableton Live and get closer to becoming a master of the software or even an Ableton Certified Trainer. We’ll take a deep dive into everything that’s capable with the software – you can look forward to learning about advanced signal flow, Max for Live, creating creative effects, and tinkering with settings under the hood.

Our courses will also include practical hands-on practice settings up Live for use on stage. With topics ranging from using clips in new ways to complex audio routing, you’ll come away from this course with all the fundamental skills needed to become an Ableton Live ninja! A few of the features you’ll learn include:

Follow actions–A way to automate changes in the playback of clips. They allow you to specify what happens after a clip finishes playing. You can set a follow action to trigger another clip, randomize which clip plays next, stop playback, or do a number of other things.

Advanced Routing–A powerful feature in Ableton Live that allows you to route audio and MIDI signals in more complex and flexible ways than the standard track and device routing options. With Advanced Routing, you can create parallel signal chains, send audio to multiple destinations at once, and set up more advanced signal processing scenarios.

Dummy Clip–A clip that doesn’t contain any audio or MIDI data, but rather acts as a controller for other clips or devices. Dummy Clips can be used to automate controls or apply effects to other tracks in your project.