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Course 4: Embellishments and Ornamentation

At this point, you’ll know the differences between the different parts of the drum kit and how they can lead the listener through the song via fills. Course four covers music embellishments and ornamentation, including snares, crashes, toms, and kicks. Bridges will connect the different parts of your song together and you’ll begin to build seamless intros and outros to your creation.

Breaks will give your song more depth and inject a little something that will catch the ear of your audience and create more interest. This can be slowing the tempo down or using your drum loop in a different way. You’ll listen to your song and discover places where a break or two is needed.

Finish your arrangement by adding an intro and an outro. Will you bring your listener in with a slow, steady intro or just come in guns a-blazin’? Why not try both? The mood of your song can change dramatically depending on the intro, so play around with a few different options (just make sure to save each intro separately along the way). Your outro is equally important and you’ll learn multiple ways to bring your song to an end.

You’ll listen to music from multiple-Grammy award winner Billie Eilish (When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?) and see how her music utilizes fills and bridges to keep the listener interested. As always, you’ll learn about more cool plug-ins that will give your music some flair. You’ll also aid your retention and deepen your creative practice with meditations and blog entries.