Live DJ & Music Production
Course 2: Learning the DDJ-FLX4

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4, a controller you’ll be using with Rekordbox. It has a variety of performance features, including dedicated controls for looping, hot cues, effects, a built-in sound card, and so on. You’ll learn how to set up, connect to other devices, and configure the preferences of the DDJ-FLX4. 

This controller is flexible, versatile, and packed with connectivity options that make it easy to connect to almost any audio source, sound system, or piece of equipment. Knowing all of the connectivity features of the DDJ-FLX4 is essential to fully utilizing its capabilities and unlocking its true potential. You’ll learn the various inputs and outputs as well as how to keep your gear powered at all times.

Once connected, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4, delving into the left and right players, the mixer section, beat pad controls, and more. You’ll learn how to load and manipulate tracks, perfect your beatmatching skills, and add stunning effects to elevate your sets. 

DJing is all about controlling the energy of a crowd and delivering a memorable musical experience. One key technique that helps DJs achieve this is cueing. Cueing refers to the act of setting an exact starting point for a track, allowing you to smoothly blend and transition between songs at the perfect moment. You’ll learn about cueing during this course, including pitch control sliders and tempo adjustment buttons.

Your assignments for the second course will be to connect DDJ-FLX4, experiment with its features, practice setting up cue points, and take notes of any successes or roadblocks you encountered.