Ian Mciver – Leander, Texas

Really amazing program. I went in with beginner level experience knowing a few things from doing my own music but realized engineering was something i really wanted to learn. It really felt like everyone there had been in those exact shoes before and were excited about helping people get further along in their journey. I knew that I'd learn the basics of what i was trying to get out of it but came out of it feeling way more confident than i thought i would've. My mentor at the studio, Nick Joswick, was great, really easy to be around and any time I'd have a question about something I was learning or saw him doing (I had a lot), he would really make sure I understood what I wanted to know. My academic facilitator who was also like a secondary mentor, Jon Bicchieri, really helped me out from online tutoring, which was really awesome because this mostly consisted of him helping me out with my own music I was working on. He as well as Nick made themselves very available to me, felt like I could reach out at any time and get help with anything I was trying to understand. Being able to be a part of real sessions at the studio every day with clients who would come in gives you the real deal day in the life experience of what doing this for real is like. If you want to do music professionally this is the program you want to take.

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