Ismael Payen – EL Paso, TX

I do not know where to start, I did not have any knowledge of music production/engineering or have not stepped into a studio before coming in to the RRFC Program (Ableton Live Production). Starting the program, I felt intimidated going to a studio to learn hands-on and also learning the software. My academic facilitator Bennett Papier has been an amazing help when I am not in the studio but when I am at home learning the curriculum. Bennett checking up on me every week about how I am feeling throughout the course felt like he really cares about me and my career choice to make sure I understand everything that is going on with the music industry. My mentor and his team have also helped me become better at my craft and my presence being in the studio comfortably. As I became intimidated at first going to the studio. My mentor and his team have made me seem like if I was one of them. With their constructive criticism, to their advice, I have felt really comfortable being in the studio. I am really grateful to have found this program, and grateful for my academic facilitator, my mentor, and his team. I would highly recommend this program to upcoming sound engineers and music producers.

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