Joseph Gonzalez – Dumont, New Jersey

My time spent attending the RRFC program was fantastic. To begin, the parallel between their program and traditional college, (which I did 1 year of) was so incredibly refreshing. Being surrounded by people who are invested in my own progress and to be taught how to properly maneuver a professional studio environment was exactly what I was looking for, and is exactly what recording connection, (as well as engine room audio, the studio in which I was located) provided me with. I met many amazing people who I am happy to be able to contact in the future. The back end of my program was interrupted by COVID-19, but I still got more than my money's worth, and on top of that, everybody has been incredibly understanding and has been more than helpful in assisting me going further. My mentor, Max Rice, as well as my academic advisor, Alex Solis, were both a massive help in getting me to where I need to be, from reaching out to see how I'm doing, to reminding me about deadlines I deadlines I obviously had forgotten about. I would seriously recommend this program to anybody I encounter looking for a similar career path, and have absolutely no regrets attending.

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