Kyle Cecil – Pleasanton, California

This program is a really good way to get your feet wet in the recording industry. You'll get firsthand experience in the studio one on one with your mentor. I was worried after Covid-19 hit that I would be out of luck getting a hands on education, but The Recording Connection made the transition as seamless as possible in continuing my education; I got to spend a lot of time in online sessions with my Mentor Dave and am now getting pretty familiar with Pro Tools because of it. To top it all off, I get to go back to the studio and make up for lost time due to Covid-19 even after my completion date, so it's kind of like I'm getting more than was originally promised. Shout out to Samuel Zulfer, my academic facilitator, with whom I also go to spend a lot of time in online sessions whenever I wasn't working directly with my mentor. He's is a real wizard with EQ and brought me to plenty of "ah-ha" moments when producing/mixing songs. Cheers to everyone involved with making this program available. I'm already looking forward to starting my Advanced courses.

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