Colorado has some of the best audio engineering opportunities of any state in America. The Recording Connection knows this, which is why we’ve set up so many audio engineering schools there. Colorado offers a wealth of potential opportunities. You just need to know how to seize them.

The Recording Connection knows that in today’s music industry, you’ve got to be as versatile as possible. That’s why we make sure to instruct you in the ways of Nmore, Logic, Pro Tools, and Reason. We want you to have every skill possible in order to be able to work at any recording studio in the world.

Our audio engineering schools are completely different from any others that you’ve looked at. We run on an externship/mentorship basis, placing you in a real recording studio with a mentor who knows everything there is to know about the specific genre that you want to work in.

The best part? You don’t have to move. We pair you with a mentor who lives in your town. If you want to learn in Boulder, Denver or Colorado Springs, it doesn’t matter to us. We’ll set you up wherever you are. We just want you to get your foot in the door and to start working—and the best way to do that is to get you into a real recording studio near where you live (or want to live).

We also want you to leave our school debt free. We keep our tuition at a reasonable cost so that you won’t have to take out massive student loans. We want you to leave with an education, not a bill. We want you to focus on becoming a massively successful audio engineer or producer, not paying back student loans.

The Recording Connection is a wonderful place. We help you meet people. We help you make connections. We help you build your skills, and we help you gain experience. We’re your best bet for getting into the industry.

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